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construction narrows bridge. 1940 narrows bridge construction 1940 narrows bridge constructions. 1940s 1941. 1945. 1947 centennial 1947 centennial. 1947. 1948. 1949 earthquake. 1949. 1950 bridge construction 1950 construction 1950. 1951. 1952. 1953. 1954. 1955. 1956. 1957. 1961. 196768. 1970. 1971. 1972. 1989. 1995. 1999. 1st ferry to gig harbor 1st narrows 1st narrows bridge 1st nartows 1st steamship on pacific coast 21950. 21st anniversary of finholm market. 2nd elgin school. 2nd gig harbor school 2nd narrows 2nd narrows bridge 2nd narrows bridge construction 2nd narrows bridge. 1950 construction 2nd purdy bridge 2ndjavascript20void0 3 fingered jack's 3151947. 31947. 3rd narrows bridge 3rd purdy bridge 4th of july 4th of july 1922. 4th of july celebration 4th of july fireworks 4th of july parade. 4th of july picnic 4th of july. 4th purdy bridge 50 reunion of class 1948. 50th 5101916. from berntsen and erickson. 5181915. 6th ave. 7101933. 761947. 7th graders 9th street. a a m burnham a. ribich a. ribichhomer a.b. burnham a.e. strand first home. a.e. strand second home. a.e. strand. a.f. gookin. a.f. plant home a.j. miller ab bismark burnham about 1938. accident ad for bonds. ada m. lotz adana r advancement hall advertisement advocator advocator. aeorplane aerial aerial photos aerial view aerial view. aerial views aerial views. aerials aeroplane aeroplane. after 1954. after collapse. agnes hegbloom agnes sund agnes sund ward agnes ward agnes ward. agnes' little girl aida uddenberg airdale airline airmail airmail service ak al sonn al sonn. alaska alaska yukon exhibition alaska. alaskan. albany albert s. miller iii bert. alfred goldman alica hammarland. alice and amanda hammarlund alice hammarlund alice hammarlund. alice hammerlund alice lonning vinkness alice murphy doyle. alice okeness alice uddenberg stevik alida allan kimball. allan's pt. allen family allen's pt. alma o'neil also nielson and haberecht homes. alva mckinley alva mckinley. alvestad alvestad. am burnham amanda alexander carlson amanda bloom amanda dorotich amanda hammarlund amanda muri amanda muri. amateur ambrose ambrose moore ambrose. amy borgen riser anchored anchored fishing fleet. ancich ancich home ancich home. ancich property anderson anderson and mcneil's island anderson cleaners anderson farm. andrew a andrew ahlberg andrew and joseph skansie andrew n andrew n. andrew nelson. andrew skansie andrew skansie and vincent skansie. turntable in stern on which seiner rested andrew skansie dock andrew skansie home andrew skansie home. angelina uddenberg animals anita harquist ann mialiovich. anna anna and charlie baker anna baker anna byrnestad anna davis anna e. ahlberg anna eugenia ahlberg anna goodman wheeler anna gustafson. anna hunt anna jerisich anna lindgren anna samuelson anna wheeler anna wheeler. annabelle. anne w annie sibley savage annie squally annie squally. annie walle annie wright seminary. anniversary anthony's antone skansie antone skansie. antone wagner apple cider. apple orchard. apple press apple trees approach. arcadia archery archway arda hunt area of former ferry landing. ariel arla powell arletta arletta dock arletta dock. arletta reds arletta reds. arletta school arletta store arletta. arlie ostling army aro greasing art and edna hammerlund wyatt. art anderson sone of conrad anderson. marie gustafson art wyatt arthur beatrice simpson. arthur dennis arthur hunt arthur sandin arthur sandin. arthur simpson. artillery artondale artondale general store artondale golf club artondale golf course artondale school artondale schools artondale. artondalewollochet arvid brown arvid brown. arvilla arvilla ann at at sea atalanta atalanta. aubrey wood auditoriums aunt nettie aura mitchell aura powell aura powell mitchell austin austin creek austin custom built log homes austin erickson austin lumber austin mill austin mill 1946. austin mill. austin saw mill austin's mill austinerickson austinerickson bldg. austinerickson mill austinerickson mill. austinerickson saw mill austinerickson saw mill 1947. austinerickson saw mill. autos available. avalon avis mae warren avis warren. awards. axel carlson axel uddenberg axel uddenberg groceries axel uddenberg home axel uddenberg house axel uddenberg logging axel uddenberg. axes babe nicolac babe nikolac babe pony babich babs gaylord baby. bacon cabin badminton bainbridge island baiting halibut lines baldwin shoe shop bale bale house. bale place bales house bandstand bandstand. banks. baptist. barbara ann barbara will barbecue barge. barges barges. barn barn 1921. barn. barney the horse bartlett base work east approach. base. baseball baseball game. baseball team baseball teams baseplate bashford home. bashford. basin basket weaving. basketball bathers bathing beauties bathing costumes. bay bay island bay island faiar. 1917. bay island fair bay island fair. bay island' bay island'. bay island. bay north gig harbor bay view bay view hall. bay view. bay. bayview bea beach beach basket beach basket christmas shop beach basket. beach combing. beach house. beach road beach seining beach. bear catch. bear hunting beardsley beardsley. bears beatrice simpson. beaver bee beef sales. beehive store before 1910 belangers. bell bell tower. bell. bella and pete markovich. bellingham bellingham normal school ben diloreto ben grout. benbow school bennie bloom berg landing dock. berg's landing berg's landing. bernice skansie crosby bernt berntson berntsen berries berries. berry picking berry sorting station. bert bell bert berntson. bert blake bert blake logging bert blake logging camp bert blake logging co. bert coffman bert sanford. bert uddenberg bert uddenberg ford motors bert uddenberg motors bert uddenberg motors. bert uddenberg. bertha mosher. bertle samuelson bessie and nellie austin. betty grout betty hatch betty johnson betty mcgovern. betty's beauty salon. betty's beauty shop beverly campbell beverly hemley beymer family 1905. bible school. bicentennial cruise bicycle bicycle riding bicycle. bicycles bicycles. bill atkinson bill mojean bill monzingo. bill ness bill northey bill ramsey bill shively bill skansie bill trestle bill vogel billboards billie shively billie woodruff billie woodruff bare billy singleton biplane birthday biz a.b. burnham biz burnham biz burnham house blackwell blake logging blakeslee blessing blessing of fleet. blessing of the fleet bloom bloom family. blue eagle theater bluff board of directors. boat boat at anchor. boat barn boat building boat building shed boat building. boat crews boat launch boat launch. boat launching. boat on water. boat parade boat races boat ramp boat shed boat. boats boats at anchor. boats at dock bob beard bob beard. bob kientz bob lysell bob starkey bob will bob ziegler bob's harbor shell bobby bobby overly bogdan bogue bldg. bogue buildilng boom boom logs boom. booster booster and rosedale school children booster school booster school 1914 borgen building supply borgen hardware. borgen's building supplyaustin erickson borgen's hardware. borqhild jensen both towers bottle and rope bottom chord bottom chord. bowling alley bowling lanes. boy boyher boys boys. brac brac. brace. braces. bracks bradshaw home bradshaw house bradshaw. bridge bridge approach. bridge at home 1912 bridge deck. bridge maintenance crew bridge minus mid span. bridge. bridges bridges docks roads bridgesdocksroads brig brit sanford brooklyn bros. brown brown farm. brown's grocery brown's grocery 1948 brown's grocery store brown's store bryant high school. buchanan buck farm. buddy buggy buggy overturned. buggy. builders building. buildings buildings. built 1913. bujacich bulkhead road buoy burger king burley lagoon burley lagoon. burley. burlington burnan store burner burnham burnham collection burnham dock burnham family. burnham home. burnham house. burnham store burnt stump. 1929. burro burrocarolyn m. burt patrick burton burton. bus bus wreck. busanich bushbeans business business district businesscoast businesses butch pollock butch pollock and joe gotchy. butcher boat butter. by c. e. shaw c. howard l. austin. c.a. danforth. c.e. shaw c.e. shaw residence c.e. trombley c.e. trombley. c.j. anderson painting. c.k. danforth. c.n. pearson c.n. pearson house c.o. lorenz c.w. shaw's sign shop cabin cabin frame cabin. cabins. cable cable machinery. cable walkway cable workers cable. cables and current cables. caisson. caissons. cal russell camelot studio camera camera club cameras camp ha ha camp ha ha 1904. camp lewis troops camp miyajima ymca. camp seymore camp seymour campers. camping campsite. campsites canadian geese canadian registry canneries cannery boat cannery boat. canoe canoe race. canoe ride canoeing canoes cape flattery capt john e burns capt. and verna wheeler capt. axel uddenberg. capt. bismark burnham. capt. biz burnham capt. crockett capt. ernest peacock capt. herman clausen. capt. john e burns captain car car wash. car. cara byrnestad cara muri cargo ship. carl byrnestad carl gustafson transfer co. carl gustafson. carl pearson carl sehmel. carlson carlsons carney lake carol clark carol merry carol watson caroline caroline moller carolyn hanson carrie herrick carrie jones' cabin carrie stolwick cars cars. cascade range. case inlet cassie guy castelan cat walk. catch. catholic cattle pass catwalk catwalk. catwalks. cavalera timber co caviler ce shaw ce shaw farm ce trombley cecelia will cecil bird. cedrona bay celebration celebration. celebrations celilo falls cement work centennial centennial 1947. people's dock centennial 5171947 centennial celebration centennial celebration. centennial celebration. 1947. centennial parade centennial parade. center of gh central ii moored along scow. ceremony challenger chamber of commerce chance wyman charles charles clay charles f. davis charles gilbert charles summers charlie eyrish charlie eyrish. charlie kimball. charlotte salmon chester hudson chevrolet chevrolet. chicago boom chicago boom. chicaree chickawana chickawana. chicken yard chickens children children 1926. children. chimneys chink woelke. chinook chippewa chistmas trees. chocolate factory chord chris thompson real estate. chris walle. chrissy yates christening christening. christian endeavor christian moller and petra tollefson wedding picture 1906. christian moller and petra tollefson. christian rudolph andreas moller. christine christmas christmas party christmas tree christmas trees chuches church church spire churches churchesmethodist cider press city hall city hall. city of steilacoom city of tacoma city of tacoma 1 city of tacoma 2 city of tacoma. city of vancouver clam bake clam bake. clam chowder bowl clamp clamping clamps clara brown clara fjermadahl clara lamb clara macbell perkins clara seglem clara spadoni mccabe clara spadoni mccabe. clarena clarena. clarence bloom clarence danforth. clarence shaw claussen family claussen home claussen home. claussen property. clausson clay hill clay hill. clean up after fall. cleaners cleanup clementina skansie clementine dorotich novakovich clifford clifford nelson pearson clifford paige clifford pearson clock clothes drying. clover creek sanitarium clover park clown clowning around. club clubs clyde and raymond hunt. clyde green co austin mill co. coal bin coast guard dock coast guard. col william l peacock col william peacock col. wm peacock cold frames collapse collapse. columbia bank columbia river columbia river. colvos passage commencement bay commercial fishing commjunity events communities community community clubhouse community event community events community events. community hall community hall. community log dump community picnic. companion completed bridge completed steel deck completion concrete concrete base. concrete bulkheads. concrete foundation. confidence confirmation conrad anderson conservatory. construction construction 1948. construction 51947. construction scow. construction. construction. history of bridges. consul d contest cook tent cook tent 1904. cookies and juice coop coop dock. coop. cooper hotel. cora cora smythe corbet place cord wood cordwood cordwood. corinne corner of pioneer and harborview corporate center. corregidor costumed costumes cosulich. cottage cottages. counting and unloading fish county fair county library couple on deck. cousins crab rock barge 1904. crane. cranes cranston press crash crates crawford reid creek crescent crescent creek crescent creek bridge crescent creek inlet boats crescent creek school crescent lake crescent valley crescent valley creek crescent valley guernsey crescent valley park crescent valley road crescent valley school crescent valley school. crescent valley schoolhouse. crescent valley. crescent vallley guernsey dairy crest crest. crestbay island. crew crew 1940s crew members crew. crews cromwell cromwell farm cromwell hall. cromwell immanuel lutheran church cromwell lutheran church cromwell school cromwell school children cromwell school district no. 3 cromwell. crosby. crosline crosscut saws crosscut saws. cruisers crusader cruver cruver. curbingsidewalk cushman cushman power plant cushman towers cut wood cutt's island cutting crew. cutting fish. cutting hay. cutting oats. cutts deadman island. cypress trees d. shively d.c. edwards garage d.c. edwards garage. dadisman homestead daffodil festival 1954. daffodil parade dahl dairy dairy farm damaged mosher house damge to stand station 1940 daniel yates. david edward's garage. david more david secor davis farm davis farm. day island deadman's island. dealership dance dean deck crews deck section. deck steel. deck stringer. deck stringers deck stringers. deck. decorated skansie boat. dedication deer hunters deer hunting defender defiance defiance lumber co. saw mill. defiance. delano beach delivery truck delivery van. delivery wagon della moore delmer mortinson deloney's beach house. demolition. dentist. dept. of public utilities. derrick derrick wtraveler derricks. description desks detective di loreto. diagonal diagonal truss. diagonal. diagonals. diane peacock dick burkland dick meyer dick shively dick wingard digging clams digging holes. dillon diners dining dinner diosa sailboat directional signs. dirt road dismantling traveler display district 31. district 316 district 337. ditmarsia dixon harbor dock dock 1926. dock. dock. 1948. docked. docks dockside dog. dominic lovrovich and mary belanich. don criteser donald and edna sessions. donald kellogg donation party donkey creek donkey creek bridge donkey creek flows through culvert beneath road fill at right. donkey creek. donkey engine donkey engine. dora meachnor. dora sehmel dora sehmel. doris pearson doris woodruff dorothy engle dorothy hemley dorothy schindler dorothy schindler. dorothy terry dorotich home dorotich home. dorotich residences dorotich women. dorotich. dory. doug coulter dove doyle dunn dr. a.m. burnham dr. and mrs. a.m. burnham dr. and mrs. rust. dr. arthur monzingo dr. bogue dr. bogue. dr. burnham dr. burnham's homestead dr. clay dr. clay's house. dr. darling's office dr. edgars dr. hh rust dr. monzingo dr. pry dr. quivli. dr. ryan dr. ryan's office dr. tabor darling dr. treutle. dr. ww bacon drag drag road drag saw dragging or trawling. dragon float. driftwood. drill team 1971. driveway. drug store. barber shop drummond drummond. drums duane parish duck pond. dudley family. dugout canoe. dwight anderson e. gh e. wollochet e.s. prentice shingle mill e.s. prentice shingle mill. eagle eagle harbor earle hadley. early airplane earthquake earthquake damage east east and west towers east end. east gh east gh. east gig harbor east gig harbor sand spit east to millville. east tower east tower. east view east wollochet easter easter egg hunt eaton. ebba gustafson ebba uddenberg. echo echo bay echo bay sylvan ed ed and john finholm ed and john finholm. ed bunch ed finholm ed fischer ed george ed goldman ed hoppen ed lorenz ed lorenz. j.e. overlade ed patrick ed trombley edden boat co. eddie finholm eddon boat co. eddon boat dock. eddon boat works. eddon boat yard eddon boat yard. edgar clock edgar's point edison edith nyquist edith nytequist edith thomas editor edna edna hammarlund edna hammarlund. edna lodholm edna muri edna shattuck. edna wyatt edna wyatt. edward carlson edward goldman general merchandise edward goldman general store edward neev edwards edwin and alice hammarlund edwin george edwin hammarlund edwin lee george edwin more egg day egg day queen egh eide store eide's store. eight brothers. einar fosness el primero eleanor berg eleanor stene election board. elections elector electric co. electrical service cable elevator. elgin elgin school. elgin schoolhouse elilnor's fountain lunch elise jacobson elizabeth clay elizabeth fisher elk ella whitmore elldebee's gig harbor hardware ellen carr ellis ryan elm boys. elmore property elms . elsa and karl sehmel. elsa sehmel nilsen 1914. elsie c elsie c iii elsie c. i. elsie c. iii elsie carlson elsie ci elsie clauson elsie claussen elsie claussen as child. elsie claussen thayer. elsie claussen. 1904. elsie ii elsie iii elston armstron elva zimmerman gazaline. elwin nichols and wife emily emmanuel lutheran church 1910. emmanuel lutheran church. emmet rose emmett hunt emmett ross employees empress empress theater empress theater. emrose emrose. end of season. engine and train. england entrance entry for harbor holidays. episcopal equator equipment equipment. eric carlson erickson house. erik and marta sandin erik sandin erik sandin. erkelens and koppelle tree house ernest allan. ernest mcgoon ernie white es prentice es prentice shingle mill espresso stand essa shackleford. esther and howard snowden esther samuelson esther seglem esther uhlman et al et al. ethel corbet ethel corbet eaton. ethel gayle etta sheldon johnston home. eugene secor evelyn and syd bell evelyn anderson evelyn rogers evergreen excavation excavation. eye bar fair play fairplay fairs fall families family family home farm farm tractor. farm. farming farming artondale farmingartondale farmingcromwell farminggig harbor farminggig harborkimball farminggig harborwilkinson barn farmingrosedale farmingrosedaleadults and small child farmingrosedalebert sanford farmingrosedalefruit trees farmingrosedalehans peterson farm farmingrosedalekonrad farmingrosedaleman farmingrosedaleorchard farmingrosedalepeterson farmingrosedalepeterson farm farmingrosedalesehmel farm farmingrosedalewarren stanfords farmingrosedalewilkinson farms farms. father gary wisenburg. fay fay peacock feed feed and groceries. felitz. felix dagasso fenton. ferguson ferguson barn ferguson farm fern bolyard. ferries ferries elk ferris wheel. ferry ferry city of tacoma ferry crossing. ferry daily schedule for longbranch ferry dock ferry dock. ferry hull. ferry landing ferry landing. ferry landings ferry schedule. ferry service in portland ferry slip ferry tavern ferry tavern. ferry. fertilizer plant field engineer. fife hs fiinholm's united purity market fillilng station. filucy filucy bay filucy school finholm finholm building finholm district finholm grocery 1942. finholm market finholm market 1953 finholm marktet finholm united purity market 1938. finholm's finholm's market finholm's market. finholm's shed finholm's store finholms finish work on bridge. fire fire 1945 fire 1945. fire boat.. fire department fire escape fire truck. fire. fireboat display fireplaces fires firewood firewood. fireworks first ball of season. first bridal couple first car. first church first communion first communion class. first ferry first ferry in gig harbor first ferry run first ferry service first gas engine 1910 first gh ferry first husband. first landing. first miles b. hunt homestead first narrows bridge first narrows bridge. first national bank. first patrol car 1948 first police car. first post office first purdy clubhouse. first purdy schoolhouse first settlers. first telephone office first telephone office. first wollochet school fish fish buyers. fish camp fish trap fish traps fish wheel fish. fisherman fisherman's camp fisherman's dock fisherman's dock. fisherman. fishermen fishermen and boat. fishermen. fishing fishing b oats fishing boat fishing boat. fishing boats fishing boats gig harbor fishing boats. fishing cabins fishing camp fishing fleet fishing fleet. fishing gear fishing gear. fishing nets fishing nets pulled manually. fishing nets. fishing. fishing. skansiecrosby. fjermdahl. fjermdahol flag day flag day. flag drill flag. flags. flat car. fleet. fleming flippers fliver float float plane. float. floating house. floating living quarters. floats flooding flooding moorelands floor beam floor beam. floor beams floors to go. flora samuelson floral watson florence berg florence k florence k. florist florist and espresso. flour flour feed groceries. floyd oles flyer flyer. football football uniform footbrige ford forge forge and riveting gang. forge. former ferry landing. formerly formosa tea house alaskayukon exposition formosa teahouse at alaska yukon exposition fort bragg fort vancouver fortnightly club fortnightly club. fountain fourth of july fox island fox island brickyard. 1895. fox island bridge fox island church fox island church. fox island club fox island extension poultry school fox island historical society fox island sandspit. fox island school fox island. frame frame work. framed structure framework framework. frances clark frances nicolac frances nikolac frances swayze francis henry. francis maloney frank frank and steve peacock frank bibbens frank burnham frank butler frank jeremy frank keith frank novak frank owen shaw frank owen shaw' frank owen shaw' rural frank owen shaw'' frank owen shaw. frank owen shaw. john galbraith frank owen shawpen yacht basin frank peacock frank ralston frank rust frank scott frank shaw frank shaw. frank veitenhans frank w. samuelson frankie peacock franklin franklin home. fred proctor. fred smythe. fred st. peter. freda grytten freedom freight shed freight' friday harbor friday harbor packing co. friday harbor. friday night club. frisco frisco. fritz berntsen front st. front street front street. frozen bay. frozen harbor frozen harbor 1924 frozen harbor 1950 fruit trees fruit trees. fs ft. lewis. fuchek children fuchek family fuchek family. fuchek. full sail fuller. funeral funeral. funny boat contest. funny boats. g harbor business g. mcdonald gail olson galbraight mill galbraith mill galbraith mill. galbraith sawmill galbraith's home. galligan galloping gertie game. gar gar bldg. gar building. gar hall gar hall. garage garage. garages garden gardening gardens garnette west gary bunch gary hedman gas station accident. gas station. gateway gateway chevrolet. gateway office gateway office 1947. gateway. gathering of women. gayle's hill geese gene mort gene secor general store genius geo. bujacich geo. yates. geoducks geoducks. george a george abernathy george and arthur sandin. george and arveida johnston livingston. george and arveida livingston. george chrerry. george cronquist george dorotich george dorotich. george emerson at grays harbor. rebuilt by matthew mcdowell george greene george hicklen george hicklin george n. barker co. george nikolac george patrick george savage george yates george's fountain lunch. george. gerald crosby. geraldine johnson geraldine stinson. gertrude lotz gh gh bay gh camera club gh dock gh mill remains. gh motor garage. gh presbyterian church 1918. gh stage. gh. ghuhs gift shops. gig gig habor gig habor business gig hall gig harbo raerial view gig harbor gig harbor 'new washington' gig harbor 1971. gig harbor arletta gig harbor artondale gig harbor baseball team gig harbor bay gig harbor bay. gig harbor boat building gig harbor boat building co. gig harbor boat shop gig harbor business gig harbor camera club gig harbor cement work gig harbor centennial celebration gig harbor communities gig harbor cromwell gig harbor east gig harbor episcopal church. gig harbor fishing gig harbor fishing boat gig harbor garage gig harbor gardens gig harbor golf club gig harbor golf course gig harbor group. gig harbor hardware gig harbor high school gig harbor high school. gig harbor light beacon gig harbor lumber co. mill gig harbor marina gig harbor mill gig harbor mill co. gig harbor motor co. gig harbor north gig harbor north hotels gig harbor north rachel burnham gig harbor north. donkey creek bridge gig harbor peninsula gig harbor pharmacy gig harbor plat gig harbor regatta gig harbor saw mill gig harbor school gig harbor schools gig harbor steamboat gig harbor steamboats gig harbor steamship gig harbor thunderbird gig harbor timber co. gig harbor union high school gig harbor. gig harbor. 51240. gig harbor. gig harbor episcopal church. gig harbor. inspectors and cable. gig harbor. presbyterian. bible school gig harbor.aerial view gig harbor.aerial view of progress. gig harbor.cement floor. gig harbor.cementing deck. gig harbor.painting cage gig harbor.the ranch gig harboranchor bars. gig harborapproach at east end. gig harborboom gig harborboom. gig harborbundled cable. gig harborcable spinning. gig harborcable workers. gig harborcement curbing. gig harborcement finishing gig harborcement truck gig harborcement work gig harborcement work on deck. gig harborcollapse gig harborcrane or boom gig harborcrane. gig harborfinal inspection. gig harborfirst st. nicholas church gig harborforms for curbing. gig harborframe work of deck. gig harborgrating on deck. gig harborhoses gig harborhydraulic damping jack. gig harborinterior of st. nicholas built 1913. gig harbornew st. nicholas church. gig harboroffice at east end. gig harborpainter's cage gig harborpainting cage. gig harborreels for spinning. gig harborreels of wire gig harborreinforcing rod gig harborreinforcing rod for deck. gig harborreinforcing rod on deck. gig harborreinforcing rods gig harborrivet crew gig harbors gig harborsidewalk curbing. gig harborsmoothing out cement gig harborspinning cable gig harborst. nicholas built in 1913. gig harborstabilizing metal to curbing. gig harbort east gig harbortower gig harbortru mix cement truck. gig harborunidentified man gig harborview gig harborview bridge gig harborview under span. gig harborview undeveloped tacoma gig harborworkers on deck. gigi harbor gigjavascript20void0 gijavascript20void0 gilich gilich bldg. gill netters gillnetting girder girls girls. verna wheeler on right. gladstone murray gladstone murray. gladys glein boat glein boat co. glein boat yard glen perkins glencove glig harbor business gloria gloria. goats. godenta golden west goldie wroten 191718. goldie wroten's mother. goldman's store. goldman. gony goodman goodman middle school goodman school gookin. gordon secor. goss governemnt governemtn government grace woodruff. graduation picture 6201919. graham granddaughters grandma brown grandpa grandma murray grandpa murray grandpa olson grange float grange hall grange hall. grapes grapes. green pt. greenwood greetham's greyhound groceries groceries feed. grocery grocery store. grocery wagon groundbreaking group photo group photo. group picture group picture. grover crawford guns gustafson gustafson fuel oil gym h.g. knowles h.m. austin home hageness hair washing. haircut day. hal mousseau hale pass drive hale's pass hale's pass. hales pass hales pass drive. hales pass navigation co. hales pass. hales pass. 8541. hales passage hales passage orthopedic guild hales passage. halfdan and olaf everstsen halibut halibut catch hall mousseau hall. halloween halloween decorating contest hammarland family. hammarlund hammarlund and lawrence. hammarlund boys hammarlund children hammarlund children. hammarlund family hammarlund family. hammarlund farm hammarlund girls hammarlund group photo hammarlund men hammarlund place hammarlund soldier hammarlund woman hammarlund woman with chickens. hammarlund women hammarlunds hammarlunds. hammerlund hammerlund and lawrence. hammerlundn and lawrence. hammerlunds hammerlunds. hand lining hand pulling seine. hand winch. hank meir hank meir. hannah swenson hans and minnie hans botnen hans vinkness hansen. happy holidays happy holidays parade happy holidays parade. harbor harbor boat parade daffodil celebration harbor boats. harbor business harbor heights harbor heights elementary school harbor heights school harbor history museum harbor holiday harbor holiday. harbor holidays harbor holidays 1970 harbor holidays 1970. harbor holidays 1971. harbor holidays parad. harbor holidays parade. harbor holidays. harbor inn harbor intermediate school harbor landing. harbor ridge harbor ridge middle school harbor views harbor. harborview harborview 1970s. harborview and north harborview. harborview dr. harborview pioneer harborview road harborview rosedale. harborview. harborviews harborviews. harborviewsl harboview harboviews hardware store hardware. harmon park harold harold roby harold roby's garage harold ryan harold 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olson ide neff iga store il lucano ristorante iliff iliff kaehler iliffjacobsonwheeler iliffjohnson home. iliffjohnsonkaehler home. immanuel lutheran church immanuel scandinavian lutheran church of cromwell in inaugural run. independent indian dug out canoe indianapolis. indians. industry. inez wood inga berntsen larson ingwal berntsen inside framework inspection installation of power. insurance interior interior design work. interior of cabin intersection intersection 1937 ford panel state patrol car. invader invincible irma hawkinson irwin rust irwin rust home. irwin rust. is island day island day. island view store. issac j. muri j.e. burns. j.e. higgins j.h. best j.l. durkey j.l. snyder j.l. snyder. j.o. montgomery jack bujacich jack dog jack dog 1940. jack hamilton jack jensen house. jack moore jack pryor jackie healy jackie r jacob's house jacobson jacobson family. jacobson home jacobson hone jake bujacich jake sellers jakobson's berry field. james james bashford home. james 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and mary castelan jerkovich. john and mary jerkovich john and pauline castelan stanich. john anderson john anderson home. john anderson homestead. john carlson john carlson house. john carlson. john cosulich. john dower lumber co. john dulin john evans john finholm john goldman. john healy john j. hill john jack sellers john jerisich john justin home. john lowell john mckee john novak john parker john paul jones masonic lodge john ross john ross family. john ross house. john s. john scott john stanich john stanich. john stevenson john vernhardson. john wheeler john wheeler. john wilkinson john's boat. johnny halverson johnson flower shop johnson garage johnson home. johnson motor co johnson motor co. johnson motor co. 1940s. johnson motors johnson's flower shop johnson's flower shop. johnson's garage johnston and therington jolly boys club. jon moergen. jones cleaning establishment jonina vernhardson. jorgenson home joseph joseph dorotich. joseph goodman joseph goodman. joseph skansie home joseph skansie home. joseph skansie house josephine cosgrove and john novak. josephine wickum josie winden. joy herrman joy pratt joy shaw joy veitenhans joy veitenhans herrmann jr jr. juanita ramsey judith fosness judson judson st. juean home julia b julia byrnestad julia strand julius johnson jump juneau junk yard justn phillips kaehler kalakala kanaka kanaka bay kanaka bay. karen coulter karen overly karl and adolph sehmel. karl finholm karl sehmel kate borovich skansie. katherine dorotich's home. kathiy h kathryn hamma katich and allen. katie and john stanich. katie trombley berry kay weaver. kazulin castelan keeney bldg. kehmel kelly b ken ollar kendall kendall store kenneth rogers ketner's point key bank corner of pioneer and judson. key peninsula keystoneport townsend kids kids. kimball kimball brothers. kimball dr. kimball home kimball home. kimball logging. kimball's kimball. kimballs kindergarten kingston knight knight house knight's pond knute sande knutson house kopa chuck kopa chuck lodge kopachuck kopachuck dock kopachuck lodge kopachuck lodge and dock kopachuck recreation field wdock kopachuck resort kovich home l capt. lorenz l skansie ship building co. l. cox. la conte la push. ladder ladies aid group ladies aid society ladies gathering ladies group ladies rowing. lagoon island lake lake cushman lake cushman resort lake union lakebay lakebay hill lakebay sawmill. lakebay school lakebay store lakebay. lakeway land land views landing. lane galligan langenrud langenrud farm larry goldman larry rucker. larry ryan last ferry run last ferry run 63040 last top chord. later launch launchd 1835 launching launching ramp. launching ramps. launching. laura smythe laurence lay. lawrence lawrence bloom lay inlet lay inlet. lay's store lb hunt le le bistro cafe. leaning tree lee makovich lee makovich and katie rastovich. lee makovich. lee moore lee stinson home. lee thrash's drug store. leeky teeky parade leeky teeky parade 1971 leg cell legend leona and 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machinery. madeline summerhay's mae magnet magnolia mail delivery mail route main cable. main street majestic makah salmon fleet. making cider. makovich makovich. mala mala malich. mallory malloy malone maloney boat maloney lake mamie goldman mandich manfred samuelson manfried. manley home marching margaret birks margaret carlson margaret cone margaret e margaret goldman margaret guy margaret johnson marge overly margo marguerite and george mcmaster. marguerite mcmaster and baby. maria marian secor. marie graf. marie gustafson. marilyn rehn marinas marine supply co. in tacoma marines maritime gig maritime gig 1999 maritime gig 1999. maritime gig 2006 maritime gig parade 1999 maritime gig parade 1999. maritime gig parade. maritime gig parade. mayor gretchen wilbert. maritime gig. maritime inn. marjay drive in 1951. marjet mark smebys market. marshall marshall danforth. marta bjork sandin. marta sandin. martha hoy martha jean sandin baby picture. martha jean sandin. martha woodruff 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clausen and nw explorers. memorial presbyterian 1923 memorial presbyterian church memorial presbyterian church. memorial presbyterian. memorial tree memories men men at table. men boating men on boat men. mending nets mending nets. mermaid mermaid ii merrill parish merry merry go round mess hall messenger messer messer hallbayview hall. messer's hall meta metah methodist methodist church methodist episcopal church mi lady michael dennis michael simmone mid '20s. mid span midspan swing. midspan traveler. midway midway school midway school. mike allen mike and mary katich. mike and mary stanich katich mike gojorinovichsp. mike mckeever mike rogers mike vietenhans milan mikich milan mikich. mildred cluck miles barzilla hunt and maritta trim hunt. miles coffman miles hunt military military reservation military truck mill mill town. millikan millville millville families. millville. mina allen. minnie and hans botnen minnie fish minnie gellerman minnie gellerman. minter minter beach area. 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mount rainier mouth of bay mouth of gh mouth of harbor mouth of harbor. movie mr and mrs. john whitmore mr hatch. mr new mr riley. mr wilkinson mr. and mrs larson mr. and mrs. charles f. davis 1911. mr. and mrs. clarence trombley. mr. and mrs. fay mr. and mrs. hammarlund mr. and mrs. lunblad mr. and mrs. monzingo mr. and mrs. murphy mr. and mrs. pauicicnes mr. and mrs. perry mr. and mrs. peter rauh mr. and mrs. seigner mr. and mrs. sund mr. and mrs. thadeus waters. mr. and mrs. uhlman mr. austin. mr. chandler mr. claussen. mr. cram mr. green. mr. hammarlund mr. hatch mr. hendriksen mr. kendall mr. klyspin mr. metzler. mr. meyers. mr. new mr. riley mr. rowe mr. sandin mr. sandin. mr. shaw mr. sovde mr. stinson. mr. warren's cabin mr. wheeler mr. white and daughter. mr. young mr. young's son mr.. and mrs. siegner. mr.and mrs. dow mrs blakeslee mrs hellogg mrs. mrs. a.f. plant inez. mrs. arneson mrs. arthur hunt mrs. arthur sandin mrs. axel uddenberg. mrs. bachelor. mrs. denny mrs. emmett 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myrtle berg myrtle hunt n. carl nielsen named namedvirginia iv. narrows narrows 1925. narrows bridge narrows bridge construction nash nash touring car natatorium. naterlin naterlin net shed national champion national champion 1953 native american native americans native anericans natucci natucci store nautical flags naval shipyard. navigator navy navy band. navy troops navy vessels 190406. neah bay near completion. neka queen nellie erickson. nelmholtz. nels hageness nels johnson nels tveter nelson house. neptune's court neptune's court. nereid nerid. nesika nesika beach dock nesika dock. nesika summer resort nesike summer resort net drying net pile. net repair. net shed net shed. net sheds nets nets in water nets pulled by hand nets. netshed netsheds nettie chilvers netting salmon new construction. new highway new highway. new library. new world newshawk newspaper nicholas and ella markovich castelan. nick and pat jerkovich nick bodan nick clarence burnham nick jerkovich nick jerkovich. nick morin nick novakovich nick tarabochia nicky lynn. nicole marie night night photo. night scene night. nightengale home. nighttime. nikola markovich. nikolac nina nina. nineva no no gig harbor no. no. gh no. gh to vashon. no. gh. no. gig harbor no. harborview no. harborview drive nobie dow. noble sutherland nocturne. nora samuelson norada nordot norman and kay andersen norman b norman kimball. norrie carlson. north north gh north gh. north gig harbor north gig harbor business north gig harbor business district north gig harbor dock north gig harbor view north harborview north harborview. shoreline restaurant. north rosedale norwood not identified. notre dame novak novak hotel novak hotel. novak sons general merchandise 1914. novak suns general merchandise. novakovich novakovich house. np wharf nyhammer o.w. pearson o.w. samuelson oat field. oats oats. 1923. observers. ocean. oceania oceania. oceanic octopus octopus. odd ball of office office bldg. office. officers oil distributor. ol sauness olaf thorstensen old auto old baldy horse. old beach road old beehive store old bridge between arletta warren old camp old car old car flivver old car. old courthouse. old ferry landing. old ironsides old olympic hotel burning old skid road old town. old truck old warren schools old wollochet bridge. older woman. oldest house fox island ole olson olga keil oliv olive bloom olive goldman ollar olsen olson plumbing olympic mountains olympic torch 1996. olympic village shopping center olympic village shopping center 1997. olympics on timeconsul d. one room schoolhouse opal grove opening 1940 opening 721940. clam chowder bowl. opening day opening day. or orcas island orchard orchard. organic farm organic farm. organization organizations original plat orville hemphill oscar carlson oscar gustafson. oscar samuelson oscar samuelson and arthur berntsen ostling family ostroff ostroff farm oswald hanson other otherold olalla store. otto pryear our venture outhouse outriggers. overpass overpass. owen owen farm. oxen. oyster business. oysters ozzie r pacific pacific ave. pacific avenue pacific bridge engineer pacific bridge. pacific dawn pacific knight pacific knight. pacific mistress pacific raider pacific venture pageant painter's cage. painting painting suspension cables. pandora's. panel truck. panorama parade parade 1993. parade float parade viewers parade. parish market parked autos parked autos. parked cars. parker's service. parkland. parsonage parsonage. part of bridge. party party. pasco dorotich pasenger service passengers passengers. past time pool hall pastime pool hall pastor 191216. pastor adrianson pastor. pat pat campen pat gilligan pat healy pat wiles. patience paschael patience paschal patricia patricia uddenberg patrick patrick water views patricks patrol boat pattern paul sayre pauline castelan and john stanich. pavilion paving harborview peace day peace day 5181915. peace day 5181915. rosedale store. peace day celebration peace day pageant peace day pagent. peacock peacock hill peacock mansion peacock realty peacock. pearl's by the sea pearson barn peas. pedar sund peder sund pedersen's service pederson pederson home. pen hs pen light co. pen yacht basiin pen yacht basin pen yacht basini peninsula peninsula cafe peninsula gateway peninsula gateway newspaper peninsula gateway newspaper office. peninsula gateway office peninsula gateway press peninsula gateway. peninsula high peninsula high school peninsula high school baseball team peninsula high school drama peninsula hotel peninsula hs peninsula light peninsula light building peninsula light co peninsula light co. peninsula light co. building at right peninsula light co. businesses peninsula lt. peninsula lutheran church peninsula playhouse peninsula playhouse. peninsula school board peninsula state bank peninsula state bank corner of judson and pioneer 1971. peninsula state bank officers at luncheon. peninsula state bank. peninsula theatre peninsula yacht basin peninsula yacht basin. penrose point people people in canoe people working 1904. people's dock people's dock. people's dock. 191415. people's wharf people's wharf. percy perovich family. perovich. personal watercraft pet parade pet parade. pete hamma pete hilseth pete skarponi pete's tavern. peter peter ancich. peter hageness peter n hageness peter n. hageness peter olson farm. peter rufus. peter skansi home. peter skansie peter skansie family. peter skansie house peter skansie. peter sund peterson peterson and cheney. peterson barn. peterson farm peterson's pickup truc. petersons pfundt family pheasant pheasant run. pheasants. philip peyran. phillip bugeanis phillip peyran photo pro photo. photogapher james bashford photographer photographer frank owen shaw photographer frank shaw photographer james bashford photographer james bashford. 1940 construction of narrows bridge photographers phyllis manley phyllis peacock phyllis t physicians picket fence. picnic picnic point picnic point. picnic pt. picnic. picnicking picnics picnpay pier pier cell forms. pierce pierce co. road crew pike house pike place pile driver pilings pillar rock pilons pilot house. pinetree colby pioneer pioneer and harborview pioneer hotel pioneer plaza pioneer plaza. pioneer way pioneer. plancich. planes platoon 112 play pleasure craft marina. plowing point defiance. pole bldg pole bldg. pole building pole building 1951. pole buildings pole road political pontoon pontoons pony. porches port ludlow port orchard float. portaits portrait portraits portraits. possibly a skansie possibly josephine skarponi. post office post office. postcard. postmistress 1924. postoffice postoffice. potato digger potlatch fire potlatch lumber co. potlatch lumber fire poulsbo poultry school. powell powell dance hall powell family powell float powell home. powell house powell house. powell ranch powell. power power boat power boats power line power lines. power roller. power towers pre 1908 pre 1910 prefabricated section. prentice shingle mill prentice shingle mill 1893. prepower block. presbyterian presbyterian church presbyterian church. presbyterian minister. presbyterian sunday school picnic presbyterian. presses price home. primary group. princess marguerite princess victoria printing press printing presses pro peacock proc peacock proctor peacock produce barn produce unions proposed new school. providencia providencial pt. defiance pt. defiance ferry crossing. pt. defiance park. pt. defiance pavilion. 63040. pt. defiance. pt. evans pt. evans. pt. evans. 1928. pt. fosdick pt. fosdick ferry landing pt. fosdick landing pt. fosdick. pt. fosdickpt. evans pt. fosdock pt. richmond pt. ricmond pt. roberts pt. roberts. pt. townsend float. public library public relations office publicity sign. puerto vallarta restaurant puget puget sound puget sound herring shed and marina. puget sound. pulley 1950. pulling nets. pulling of seine into boat by hand pumphouse purdy purdy ara purdy area purdy area. purdy branch of peninsula state bank purdy brank of peninsula state bank purdy bridge purdy curve purdy inlet purdy lagoon. purdy point. purdy school. purdy. purdywauna purdywauna turnstyle bridge purse purse seiner purse seiners purse seining. pursing puyallup puyallup fair puyallup fair. puyallup tribe quail. quilcene quistoiff home. r.c. mojean. r.i. franklin home r.w. uhlman race tracks races races. racing roosters raft raft island raft island 1930s. raft island. raft. rafters. railroad cars railroad cars. railroad tracks. railroad. railroads railway flat rainbow raines home. raines house rainier rainier logging rainier logging camp rainier logging co rainier logging co. rainier logging company raising rally. ralph healy ralph healy home. ralph johnson ralph pearson ralph quisdorff ramsey family randall dr. ranger rate wars rau's inn ray and don edwards ray edwards ray edwards. ray harrod ray kellogg raymond bixby rc. ready for launchcelebration real estate recreation recreation. red annie red crown service station red white stores. redskin reed reed oliver hunt reed. reel regatta rehn motor co rehn motor co. rehn motors rehn's garage reinforcing rods. reliance remaining pieces hanging. remains remodel remodel. rena and bertha saugin renamed repaint repairing nets. repairs. replaced republic residence residence. residences residences. restaurants. resting for next catch retirement party retsil reuter hall rev. helgerson rev. helgerson. rev. mary jane turner. rev. thomas j. weeks rev. wm. richards revenue service. richard meyer. richard novak richard tollefson richard uhlman richardson bldg. richardson. rickert rickert family rifles rigging. rita buginis rivalry river ferry river. rivet rivet gun. rivet holes riveter. riveters riveting crew. riveting gang riveting gun. road crew road deck. road supervisor road. roads roadway form work. robert crawford robert e. janes. robert kientz. rock foundation rocky ground. roebling wheel. roebling wirewheel. roebling. roland knapp. roland. rollie romance ronald ross ronald smythe rooster races roosterettes roosters roostervile. roosterville root cellar rordvet rordvet home. rosalie uddenberg rose rose kiegley rose richt goodman rosedale rosedale 1916. karl and adolph sehmel. rosedale church rosedale church 191516 rosedale church 1918. rosedale church picnic. rosedale church. rosedale dock rosedale hall rosedale hall. rosedale logging rosedale overpass rosedale overpass. rosedale railroad rosedale road rosedale road overpass rosedale road. rosedale school rosedale school 1907 rosedale school 191516. rosedale school 69. rosedale st. rosedale st. overpass rosedale store rosedale street. rosedale union church rosedale. rosedale. friday night club rosemary and ronald ross roses. rosina natucci ross ross family ross gathering. ross powell rossich rough riders. round rock contest round rock publicity photo. row boat rowboat rowboat. rowboats rowing rowing seiners 18671905. peter skansie rowing. rowley rowley house rowley smythe rowley. roxy girls roxy theater roxy theater. roxy theatre. roxy white's bakery roy roy edward's daughter roy edwards roy goodman roy vinkness roy wheeler roy wheeler and baby royal navy rudder rudolph mary nicolac rudolph nicolac rudolph nicolas. rudy moller farm. rudy nikolac run rural rural scene rural scenes ruralscene russ siegner. russell bldg. russell elliot rust rust home. rust. ruth byrnestad ruth crandall ruth ryan ruth seglem ruth walter s. vaughn s.g. simpson s.p. strout s.s. simpson s.s. tacoma. saddle saddle. sadie hoy sailboat sailboat race. sailboats sailing sailing ship. sailing. sailors sally ann sally jane salmon salmon bank. salmon banks salmon banks. salmon boat. salmon catch salmon fishing salmon fishing fleet. salmon fishing in puget sound. salmon fishing. salvage. sam guy sam jerisich sam pollock sam pollock's familly sam vernhardson samuel jerisich family samuelson samuelson farm samuelson farm . san juan san juan channel san juan island 1911 san juan island 1911. skansiecrosby. san juan island 1911. tents on shore for fishermen during season. skansiecrosby. san juan islands san juan pea cannery. skansiecrosby. san juans san juans 1936. skansiecrosby. san marco sand spit sand spit. sandin sandin farm. sandin girls. sandin hom. sandspit sandspit cove sandspit. sanitarium sara cone sarah bernhardsten sarah vernhardson sarah yates sarah yates. sardines. saterlee sauness sauness family. sauness farm sauness home sauness. savage house saw saw mill saw mill. sawmill sawmills scandia gaard scandia gaard restaurant and shops. scandia gaard. scandiagaard scene scene. scenic view. schedule school school 1927 school children school children drill. vaughn field. school children. school house school of physical culture school photo school photo 2141915. school. schoolhouse schools schools 1923 schools 1924 schools 1926. schools schools 1930 schoolscarl pearson schooner scofield cement truck. scott scott house scott residence scott. scougale family tent. scougale home. scougale. scoville scow scythes sea bird sea fever sea gem sea gull sea rose sea rose. sea wake sea world seagull seaplane seaplane. seaside seattle seattle and tacoma. seaweed snake sebra g inley second gig harbor school second purdy bridge second wollochet school secor secor house secor. sedro woolley sehmel sehmel family sehmel family. sehmel homestead 1891. henry sehmel sehmel women sehmel. sehmels. seigner seigner. seine set seiner seiner. seiners self portraits seller's home. selma muri selma peterson senator bone. sentinel sentinel arcadia sentinel. service dock service dock. severin bloom sewer installation. sewing class. shacktown. shamu sharon's consignment shattuck. shaw shaw family shaw farm shaw's cove shaw's cove. shaw's sign shop shaw's sign shop. shay sheet metal and furnace works. shelby hall shelby hall. shell oil. shell station shelton. shenandoah shenandoah. ship ship building ship exploded. ship explosion shipbulders. shipyard. shipyards shirley elilzabeth monzingo. shirley finholm shirley uddenberg shirley's appliance store shirley's store shively appliances shively's shively's appliance shively's appliance store shively's appliance. shively's appliances shoe shoe store shore shore acres shore acres store shore acres wharf shore acres. shoreacres shoreline shoreline restaurant shoreline view shoreline. shorewood shorewood beach shorewood real estate co shorline cafe short stop cafe shovels shucking plant shyleen family shyleen house shyleen. shyleenellis shyleenpeterson family sid rasmussen sidewalk. siegner sign sign shop sign shop. signa uddenberg signs sigurd sigurdson. silo. simpson simpson farm. single duce. sirod site of young's landing siwash rock skagit skagit river skandia gaard skansie skansie boat building skansie brothers park skansie family skansie family. skansie home skansie home minus monkey tree now city owned. skansie moorage skansie motor co. and home skansie netshed skansie ship building skansie ship building 1915 skansie ship building co. skansie ship building. skansie ship buillding skansie ship co. skansie ship yard skansie shipbuilding co. skansie shipyard skansie shipyard. skansie shipyard. r.c. mojean. skansie shipyards skansie. skansiecrosby. skansies skansies. skansonia skansonia. skarponi skarponi house skating skid road skid road. skiff skiff. skrivanich skrivanich home. skrivanich. skrivinich skunk slavonian salmon fishermen sleeping tents small boat smeby smelter at ruston. smith snyder family smith snyder. smokestack in tacoma. smythe smythe home smythe place snake charmer. snow snow. snowman snowy day snowy night snyder snyder and sons. snyder family. snyder home. snyder xmas card. snyder. so. 13th. so. calif. so. rosedale bridge. sockeye run soldiers sonia sophia sophie and elsie claussen. sophie claussen sorelle club sound star soundview soundview dr. source shaw family sourcekimballfarminggig harbor.kimball south cable south rosedale south rosedale bridge south saddle. space needle spadoni bros. spadoni brothers spadoni. span deli 1955 span drive in span drive in. 1951. span traveler. span. spanaway lake spar pole spinnaker sails. spinning spinning cable. spiro and julia skansie babich spiro and julia skansie babich. spiro babich spiro babich. splay. spokane spokane. sponsors sport fishing. sports sports. spring 1953 in front of tides.notethis is photo 321 in binder. spring beach spring beach at pt. defiance. spring boards. springfield springfield 36 springfield hill springfield hotel springfield wauna springfield wauna store square dancers. squash sr sr. sr. skipper st. anthony st. janet st. john's st. john's episcopal church st. john's episcopal. st. mary st. nicholas st. nicholas catholic church st. nicholas catholic church. st. nicholas. st. peter bros. st. peter bros. groceries feed. st. peter's. st. rocco stadium stadium bowl stadium high school stadium high. stadium school stan catron stan's jewelry standard standard oil standard oil barge standard oil building standard oil co. standard oil dock standard oil dock' standard oil dock. standard. stanfield slough stanfield slough. stang stanich stanich girl stanich grocery. stanich netshed stanley park. stansbury lake. starigrad steam steam donkey steam tug steamboat steamboatpassenger steamboatpassenger freight steamboats steamboatscrest steamboatspassenger freight steamboatspasssenger freight steamboatsternwheeler steamer steamer dock steamer landing steamer landings steamers steaming clams steel base plate steel deck. steel floor deck sections. steel girders. steel outriggers. steilacoom. stella muri stene stephen and pat healy stern wheelers sternsheeler sternwheeler sternwheeler. steuby steve peacock steve shaw steven strout general merchandise stinson stinson and harborview. stinson ave stinson hill stinson home. stinson's father. stinson. stone boat stone dr. store store. stove strand strand family. strand farming template strand home. strands strawberries strawberries. street car. street scene. streets streets and buildings strickland home string beans string beans. strong tide. strouts students stump stump puller. stutz. sue mckee sullivan's gulch summer activities. summer house summer resort. sunbathers. sund sund house sunday entertainment. sunday law sunday outing sunday school sunday school picnic sunday school picnic. sunday school. sunny bay sunny bay. sunny hill farm sunnybay. sunnyhill farm. sunrise sunrise beach sunrise beach 190406 sunrise beach. sunrise beach. henry moller jr. 19341948. sunrise chief. sunrise. sunset superintendents superintentent supports survey boats. survey crew survey crew. surveying. susan helmholz susie suspender rope clamps. suspender ropes. suspenders suspension cable suspension cable's hold on earth suspension cable. suspension cables. suspension clampscable. suspension ropes. swamp swanes swans. swayze sweeney sweeney bldg. sweeney block sweeney block restaurant sweeney house swenson swiftsure lightship swimmers swimmers. swimming swimming apparel. swimming hole swimming. sylvan sylvan lake. sylvan lodge sylvan lodge. sylvan school sylvan. sylvia lake system table settings tables tacoma tacoma boat building co. tacoma bread co tacoma burton nav. co. tacoma burton navigation co. tacoma city lights tacoma community college. tacoma district tacoma ferry dock tacoma glacier. tacoma hotel. tacoma narrows tacoma narrows airport tacoma narrows bridge tacoma news tribune. 1933 tacoma waterfront tacoma waterfront. tacoma yacht club tacoma. tacomahenderson bay run. west pass transportation co. capt. j.j. macmillan. tacomaquartermaster harbor tall chimney tan tandela tanglewood tanglewood island tarabochia apartments tarabouchia bldg. tarabouchia bldgs. tarabouchia houses taylor bay teacher ted joslyn teddi finholm teddie keith teddie's cafe teddies cafe tekla pederson telephone poles telephone poles. tender. tent. tents on shore for fishermen during season. skansie tents. teresa sweeney teresa sweeney residence terry will terry. thaddeus water. the boat barn the diner the hollow the missouri traveler the multnomah the mustard seed. the peninsula gateway the peninsula gateway pre 1997. the pillars. the princess the puyallup fair the rose. thelma amos theodore roosevelt theresa sweeney theresa sweeney. thom morris thomas bloom thomas bloom. thomas morris thompson thompson family. thompsons thompsons. thora rasmussen three hunters. thriftway thriftway store thriftway. thunderbird thunderbird 1 thunderbirddiosa sloop thunderbirded hoppen thurston's pioneer electric co. ticonda tide flats tides tavern. tilda bernsten and roy kellogg. tilson bixby timber line tina skansie tintype tioga titlow beach titlow beach. tloen. toll booth toll booth plaza. toll booth. tollefson tollefson sisters. tollefson. tom bettis tom lester tom white tom white. tom wilson. minter tomato crop tomatoes tony and ann miailovich skrivanich tony novak tony scrivanich. tony stanich home top chord top chord. tournament towboat tower tower 5. tower leg cell. tower. towers towers. towing cable. toys tracks tractor. trailer trailing brush train trains transit transportatiion transportation transporting from salishan. traveler crews traveler crews. traveler derrick traveler. travelers traveling derrick. traveling derricks. tree in net. trees trembley. treutle's house tripp's appliance troller trollers trolling. trombley troops truck truck crash truck drivers assn. truck logging truck. trucks trucks. tug boat tugboat tugboat. turkeys turkish baths. turntabe turntable tveter tweeter twins two hammerlund women tyc outstation tyconda tyconda. typhoon typhoon. tyrus tyrus. uddenberg uddenberg and grocery uddenberg dock uddenberg grocery uddenberg grocery. uddenberg home uddenberg home and grocery. uddenberg house uddenberg motors. uddenberg residence uddenberg store uddenberg tow truck uddenberg warehouse uddenberg's thriftway uddenberg. uddesberg's west side grocery uhlman store uhlman's landing. unavailable. underway. undeveloped tacoma undeveloped tacoma. unidentified boat. unidentified couple. uniforms union union dock union high school union oil dealer 1940's united evergreens huck salal. university place university place house unloading fish unloading nets unloading salmon up us post office uss constitution vacation bible school vacation. vagabond val berntsen valiant valley valley grocery. van water's home. vandalism various vashon vashon island. vashon navigation co. vaughn vaughn bay vaughn dock vaughn school 1897 vaughn union hs 1912 vaughn winter scene verna wheeler verna wheeler. verna zimmerman verna zimmerman sehmel verna zimmerman. vernhardson vernhardson st vertical log veteran veteran. vi shaw vic tomlinson vic tomlinson. victor victor samuelson victor. victory victory at city dock victory garden victory gardens victory' victory. victrola. vidan family. vie alida shaw vie shaw view 1947. view climb view fox island view from union high. view so. rosedale. view tacoma. view. views views midspan views near completion 51950. views. vigilant viking vince naterlin vince skansie. vincent and antone skansie vincent skansie vine vine shaw vinkness viola hoy violet violet and her husband violet samuelson violet shaw violet shaw gilbert virgiinia v virginia iii virginia iv. virginia v virginia v. virginia vi. mcneil island federal penitentiary. vogel's horizontal line voyager w.e. white w.e. white flour w.e. white store in wauna w.e. white store. w.e. white. w.r. lord w.r. lotz wa wa coop wa coop building wa coop. wa. wagner wagon wagon. waiting for ferry waldo passmore walkway walla walla indians wally hemley walter berg walter hogan walter home walter white. walter's home. ward warehouse warehouse demo. warehouse demolition warehouse. 1923. warehousemen warehouses. warren warren beach warren community hall warren dock warren dock. warren hall warren hall. warren point warren school warren store warren store 1970 warren warren store warren's cottage. warren's home. warren. washdahl washing clothes. washington coop. washington navigation co washington tug barge co.. water water system water tank water tank. water view water view. water views water viewsfrank owen shaw water well water. waterfront waterfront 1903. waterfront homes waterfront view waterwheel. wauna wauna 69. wauna dock and warehouse wauna dock. wauna hotel pre 1908 wauna lodge. wauna school wauna school 1930. wauna school 1931 wauna schoolhouse wauna social club wauna store. wauna. wayne clark we wheeler house weaver baby. weaver boy. weaver children. weaver family. weaver home weaver home. weddings weddinhs welcome welcome ii welcome. well baby clinic well digging. well drilling west anchorage west approach. west bay auto parts west bay auto parts. west bay auto. west end 1950. west end. west gh west gh. west gig harbor. west marine west midspan west pier pedestal. west pier. west side west side dock west side dock. west side grocery west side grocery. west side mercantile west side mercantile co. west side shoreline. west side. west side. 194546. west span. west to east west tower west tower. western queen westland westside. whale hunters wharf. wheeler wheeler family wheeler home wheeler home. wheeler ladies. wheeler. wheelergoodman white river lumber co. white's cafe finholm apartments whites whitman whitmore whitmore house. whitmore housek sylvia lake. whole foods whoma lodge. wicker cart wilbur johnson wilkinson wilkinson barn wilkinson barn. wilkinson buildings. wilkinson farm wilkinson farm. wilkinson place wilkinson. will parker willard batteries william bloom william brownles william kimball. william l. christian henry william murray william patrick espresso stand. william skansie william warren willie allen. willie harts williston willits canoes. winching stumps. winter winter scene wisconsin wm. peacock. wm. shively wollochet wollochet bay wollochet bay. wollochet lumber mill. wollochet school wollochet. wollochetpt. fosdick women women photo women rowing 190406. women's group. women. wonderland wonderland. wood wood cutting bee wood pile. wood's garage wooden bridge wooden bridge. woodpecker jones. woodrow woodruff cottage woodruff cottage. woods garage. workers workers. workman wright wright park wwi xbraces. yacht yakima pt. yare yates young young's landing ywca camp zellers appliances zorovich